How to order

The Products section can be subdivided into:
a) Internal parts of a measuring instrument like pinions, gears & delicate springs of dial verniers & dial indicators or bore gauge Cams (levers) & Push pins (requires trained person for removal, replacement & reassembling. For example, the instrument mechanic in QC departments of factories or a service centre, either independent or in a calibration laboratory).
b) External parts of a measuring instrument , like micrometer lock assy., ratchets or vernier caliper lock screws (For some instruments like micrometers, requires a little bit of skill like using everyday hand tools like screwdrivers, spanners, Hex Allen keys, etc.)
c) Accessories of a measuring instrument, like Data output cables, height gauge scribers, micrometer setting rods: Requires no great skill.

How to order parts:
For ordering, one needs to mention the Mitutoyo instrument code number & the parts description. If you are not well versed with the parts description or the instrument code no., please send in details like the size & type of measuring instruments or the photograph of the measuring instrument by email & we will help you out with parts.
We have comprehensive inventory of parts so that the customer gets most parts in ready stock. The list of the most popular parts is given below. Our stock is much more than what is listed below.

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